My 2021 New Mac Setup

I set up a new Mac for work today. Here's everything I use on a Mac for fullstack web development. #mac #tech

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I set up a new Mac for work today. Here's everything I use on a Mac for fullstack web development.

Unlike Mina Markham, I choose not to automate my setup because I only do it about once a year and I want the ability to make conscious changes each time.

I previously tracked my new mac setup in an old version of this page from 2018-2020.

1hr Video Walkthrough

OS/Browser Settings

Setup Terminal

Set up apps/environments

  • Install Homebrew - /bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

    i have a bunch more stuff in brew list but i'm not sure what i use actively. You can mass install these: brew install $(cat packages.txt)

    bat             gdbm            libuv           python@3.9
    brotli          gh              libyaml         readline
    c-ares          go              mpdecimal       ruby
    deno            gradle          nghttp2         sqlite
    diff-so-fancy   icu4c           node            xz
    fnm             jemalloc        openjdk         yarn
    fzf             libev           openssl@1.1     z
  • brew install bat

  • Github CLI: brew install github/gh/gh

    • you need to login to git - if you have 2fa enabled, you cant use your normal github password. try pushing to a repo and enter in a Personal Access Token for password.
    • then run gh auth login
    • add GitHub SSH key (not optional)
  • brew install fzf - fuzzy finder - usage example is here

  • brew install node

    • Node.js/NPM
    • npm login
    • sudo npm install netlify-cli -g
    • npm i -g sign-bunny fortune-node parrotsay
    • npm install -g undollar for removing $
    • sudo npm install -g @aws-amplify/cli
    • amplify configure
    • sudo npm install -g trash-cli
  • brew install yarn --ignore-dependencies - yarn note

  • you may need to work around Mac OS Sierra

  • brew install z - REALLY GOOD TRY IT

  • Misc

    • pip3 install --user powerline-status
    • go to a neutral folder and git clone <> && cd fonts && ./
    • fnm faster alternative to nvm: curl -fsSL <> | bash or brew install fnm
    • Anaconda Python distro - be careful they tend to [modify your bash prompt without asking](\)
    • Docker Desktop
    • brew install ffmpeg and then
    • download Audacity - and install ffmpeg
    • brew install java - you could download Java Development Kit from Oracle but fuck them for putting it behind signup wall
    • brew install go you may need to export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/go/bin
    • brew install diff-so-fancy - then set git config --global core.pager "diff-so-fancy | less --tabs=4 -RFX" - makes for much nicer git diff
      • You can also diff with this bash function dif() { git diff --color --no-index "$1" "$2" | diff-so-fancy; } or with VSCode code --diff file1.js file2.js.
      • You can also try

Setup Apps

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