Shawn @swyx Wang

Writer, Founder, Devtools Startup Advisor

I document the Rise of the AI Engineer on Latent.Space, and am working on the Smol AI company based in San Francisco. I also help devtools startups cross the chasm (devrel, advising and investing) and will always be the champion for Learning in Public!

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Most Popular Writing

I do a bunch of personal and work-related writing, and recently published The Coding Career Handbook with the best of my nontechnical writing.

You can find all my writing on RSS or on the /ideas page.

Most Popular Speaking

I have done a bunch of talks and podcast appearances. There are different eras:

The modern era:

  • The Operating System of You: The last chapter of my book, in talk form, as a closing keynote at CascadiaJS Confernce
  • Paradigm Lost: My career covering the 4 most interesting trends in tech: Local-first, Async programming, Data Engineering, and AI Engineering.
  • Mapping Developer Experience: a talk I did with Silas Sao of DataStax on how I think about devrel/devtools startups.

The JS/Beginner Era:

More of my speaking on the /ideas page.