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swyx at niseko

The Swyx Mixtape

Personal pod where I curate 5-10 minute clips from over 250 podcasts! Search "swyx" in your podcast player of choice.

Featured Work

I do a bunch of personal and work-related writing, and recently published The Coding Career Handbook with the best of my nontechnical writing.
I have done a bunch of talks and podcast appearances. The best of which are:

Other Work (off-site)



Dev Tooling & Dev Community

I helped moderate /r/reactjs to 200k+ developers, and cofounded Svelte Society.

I led CLI development for Netlify Dev, Build Plugins and other open source tooling at Netlify. I've also helped maintain other OSS projects like TSDX , Gatsby's Showcase , Svelte Society , SSG , Docz (inactive), etc.

Here's how I setup my own Macs together with my dotfiles and the developer/productivity software I use.