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✍️ Slowmad Q&A

The other thing about Netlify Year One that people are generally interested in is my experience of remote work. As I put it recently : I’ve been working remotely for almost a year, about… Read →

✍️ 10,000 Loose Fans

I broke past 10,000 Twitter followers on Saturday. Obviously this is a completely arbitrary milestone and pretty minor in the hierarchy of needs. I'm not celebrating. A person that -only… Read →

✍️ Why Naked Promises are Not Safe For Work

Published on FreeCodeCamp's Developer News This article goes through my personal journey of discovery and struggle adopting the conventional wisdom as it pertains to asynchronous work on… Read →

📺 Learning React and TypeScript in Public with Shawn "swyx" Wang

The sequence of how this one happened was pretty fun. I noticed an a11y fight on Twitter, and posted about it on the Netlify slack. then Leslie picked up the torch and wrote a blogpost… Watch →

✍️ Netlify Environment Variables: The Cheat Codes of the Internet

Published on This article results from my work compiling all the env vars i could find in netlify: Read →

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