My New Mac Setup (2018-2020)

I have updated my list for 2021 here.

I set up a new Mac for work today. Here’s what I did immediately:

      - `brew install bat`
      - [Github CLI]( `brew install github/gh/gh`
        - you need to login to git - if you have 2fa enabled, you cant use your normal github password. try pushing to a repo and enter in a [Personal Access Token]( for password.
        - then run `gh auth login`
        - [add GitHub SSH key]( (not optional)
      - `brew install [fzf](` - usage example is [here](
      - [yarn]( note `brew install yarn --ignore-dependencies` since i use nvm
         - you may need to [work around Mac OS Sierra]( and install node first
      - [`brew install z`]( - REALLY GOOD TRY IT
      - `brew install python`
      - `brew install ruby`
      - `brew install deno`
      - `brew install gradle`
      - `pip3 install --user powerline-status`
      - go to a neutral folder and `git clone && cd fonts && ./`
  - `brew install node` [Node.js/NPM](
      - `npm login`
      - `sudo npm install netlify-cli -g`
      - `npm i -g sign-bunny fortune-node parrotsay`
      - `npm install -g undollar` for removing $
      - `sudo npm install -g @aws-amplify/cli`
      - `amplify configure`
      - `sudo npm install -g trash-cli`
  - [fnm]( faster alternative to [nvm]( `curl -fsSL | bash` or `brew install fnm`  
  - [Anaconda](  
  - [Docker Desktop](
  - `brew install java` - [Java Development Kit]( 	
  - `brew install [go](` dont forget `export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/go/bin`
  - `fontFamily: '"Inconsolata for Powerline", Menlo, "DejaVu Sans Mono", Consolas, "Lucida Console", monospace',`
  - `brew install [diff-so-fancy](` - `git config --global core.pager "diff-so-fancy | less --tabs=4 -RFX"`

You can also diff with this bash function `dif() { git diff --color --no-index "$1" "$2" | diff-so-fancy; }` or with VSCode `code --diff file1.js file2.js`.

You can also try

- Emojis:
- Password Manager: (i have a company account)
- Window Manager:
    - launch at login
- Clipboard Manager:
- Loom:
- Screenshots: (previously used
- Caffeine (Keep Mac awake for talks): (used to be
- Video capture:
- Dual Screen:
- Gifs: [Licecap](
- [Slack]( or [Discord](
- OBS:
- SkyFonts:
- Microsoft Todo:
- Stretchly:
- SimpleNote:
- [Superhuman for Mac]( and
- Notion:
- App Search/Utils:
    - set to Alfred Dark
    - [airdrop to iphone/ipad](
    - [Cupcake Ipsum](
- Editor: Download [VS Code]( (I used to use Insiders but the popups are super annoying). use Settings Sync to sync across machines
  - have to set up powerline fonts "Meslo LG M for Powerline" ([download](
  - auto-close-tag v0.5.6
  - auto-rename-tag v0.0.15
  - Bookmarks v9.1.0
  - code-settings-sync v3.1.2
  - debugger-for-chrome v4.10.2
  - es7-react-js-snippets v1.8.7
  - graphql-for-vscode v1.12.1
  - mdx v0.1.0
  - prettier-vscode v1.6.1
  - python v2018.9.2
  - python v0.2.3
  - rainbow-brackets v0.0.6
  - shades-of-purple v3.17.0
  - vscode-graphql v0.1.5
  - vscode-import-cost v2.9.0
  - vscode-styled-components v0.0.23
  - vscode-wakatime v1.2.3
  - [TabNine]( AI completions
  - [GitHub Copilot](


## Other good "new laptop setup" lists:

- [Tania Rascia's setup]( 
- [Nick Nisi's dotfiles](
- [Mathias Bynens macos defaults](

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