You Should Have A Virtual Mailbox

If you fit one of these criteria:

  • have a current US address/bank (this might be optional/flexible, I only know about my situation which is US based)
  • move around a lot (aka don’t own a forever home, just moving from rental to rental, even if in the same city)
  • OR travel for long periods (eg months)

you should get a virtual mailbox. A virtual mailbox company is a company that maintains an address for you, receives mail for you, opens it, scans it for you to read online, destroys it if you wish, or bundles it up and forwards it to your real address if you wish.

I got Postscanmail after Tiago Forte recommended it.


his pricing is the annual plan; i was on the monthly and have just upgraded to the $100/yr plan.


Reasons to have one:

  • you don’t lose mail when you move
  • you don’t have to inform anyone/forget to inform anyone when you move

Useful for important tax forms and any other reason you need to maintain an unchanging US address.

Sign up process

the whole process takes a few days if you’re on top of it. the trickiest part is the notarization. this gives the virtual mailbox company legal permission to open your mail:


you upload a USPS 1583 form with some ID, and fill out basic details, and then wait a few minutes for the online notary to show up (during biz hours)


then they record a video of them checking your id, and you’re done.

Non US virtual mailbox

I use for my Singapore business.

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