Unofficial VS Code Snippets for AWS Amplify

AWS Amplify is a full stack serverless framework that helps frontend/mobile developers rapidly build with scalable AWS components. In the month-plus since joining AWS I have found myself needing to look up and copy and paste a bunch of code snippets from the docs. This is usually a sign that there’s something to automate.

Amplify must accommodate multiple frontend frameworks and platforms so we can’t lean on convention to save code - so the next best thing is to write snippets! I use VS Code so I wrote this set of snippets for myself. This is my first time making a snippets extension (so I needed to read the extension docs first), but it wasn’t too hard to figure it out, especially when prototyping snippets with easy-snippet, recommended by Scott Tolinski.

The Snippets Extension

You can install it by looking for “Amplify VSCode Snippets” in the VS Code extensions tab, or click here.


You can look for a gif demo in the GitHub repo - it’s 10mb so I’m not including it here for your bandwidth’s sake.

Note: There is an older extension where you can find more snippets here.


With these snippets, I was able to livecode 2 CRUD apps in 1 hour in the recent ThisDotLabs JavaScript marathon! I’m still not too practiced yet, so it’s not something I’m that proud of, but I feel a lot more productive already with them!

You’re welcome to propose snippets or fork it for your own use!

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