React Miami: Temporal - React for the Backend

This is the current state of my talk prep for my React Miami 2022 talk: Temporal - React for the Backend. Includes links and initial draft at the bottom.


(the raw video was posted prior but had some bad artefacts)

Behind the Scenes Talk Prep

For those interested in my working style, i actually recorded the process of me making the slides. some commentary at the start and the end, but otherwise just a lot of crappy music you can fastforward


Slides are here:

Photos & Social





Current talk plan

Part 0

  • You have more power than you know. Frontend > React. React > Frontend.
  • what does being a React developer mean to you? What does “I know React” mean to you?
  • Intro me - Head of DX
    • Product (API Design, Integrations, Tooling)
    • Content (Docs, Writing, Speaking)
    • Community (Support, Connection, Events)
  • What is Temporal?
    • Temporal is the open source runtime for managing distributed application state at scale.
    • mention about the history and users
    • The most valuable, mission-critical workloads in any software company are long-running and tie together multiple services.
    • rauchg mention:

Part 1: The Problem

  • How do you solve this problem?

Part 2: The “Solutions”

Part 3: Applying Lessons

Part 4: The API

Part 5: Results

  • Social proof
    • Netflix, Snap, Datadog
    • Flightcontrol, Xstate
    • UI, testing/replay utility
    • Job opps
    • download chart
    • Fundraising


original talk plan


Must hit

  • What is Temporal
  • Core APIs
  • Origin story

Things to demo

  • code samples
  • Nextjs example


  • Flightcontrol
  • Xstate

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