How to change custom domain on Substack

Since September, I’ve been running my AI newsletter on


I’ve since acquired the domain, but Substack’s shitty documentation doesn’t offer any help on how to navigate a custom domain change (only how to add one for the first time).


and the Disable Custom Domain button is so scary with zero empathy on how to arrange a fallback for old links to the old custom domain.


I’m about to execute this change so just making a log of what I did (but also shame on Substack for not documenting this stuff). I am doing this at 11pm Pacific Time so as to minimize disruption.

  1. hitting the Disable Custom Domain immediately chucked my substack address back to the old subdomain. is 404ing.
  2. now I can add a new domain image however it seems it is registered on cloudflare.


I went ahead and added the CNAME in my Google Domains panel image

but substack still reported an issue. image

Google says “Changes are published immediately, but may take time to propagate” so I will wait a few minutes before panicking.

update: when I click “Check Status” this is the new report


but when i refresh it goes back to the previous screen. seems unstable and buggy.

15 mins later…

ok seems to work now, but doesn’t. let’s try to add a web forwarding thing on google:


it does not work automatically, but after 10-15 mins it started working for me.

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