Jan 2020 Recap

Hello mailing list friends!

First things first: This mailing list will be changing frequency. I will be sending updates once a week instead of once a month, starting next Friday. Just wanted to give a heads up because it does change the expectations I originally set.

The good news is that I’m doing this because I’m writing a lot more. I didn’t have much to report for December (didn’t end up getting very far with Rails, just didn’t spark joy), but hit a good streak in January writing something every day.

Some highlights from the past 2 months:

I’m still in my product rotation at work, so I haven’t done any speaking. In fact this year I’m mostly only doing remote talks, trying to travel less. (Hit me up if you organize a remote event!)

That’s it from me. All the best for your February, all 29 days of it!

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