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What are all the things you can do to improve as a developer after graduating from college or bootcamp?

I made a little mindmap, focused on webdev but also based on surveying student interests in general. The goal is NOT to do all of these, but to know what’s out there -to- be learned and to have some method to our madness.

Some recommended resources and advice are included inline, but always feel free to ping me for further recommendations on any topic as this list is not exhaustive.

My golden piece of advice for everything is to Learn in Public. Seriously, try it. In terms of HOW you should weight these 3 things, it is tempting to go heavy on the learning, but try to be more balanced. See also my thoughts on specifically what to do after a bootcamp, with specific recommendation on hours spent.

Things to Learn


  • Dont be afraid to pay, esp Egghead and Frontend Masters, but also books
  • Follow people and principles over individual tech
  • Open and edit node_modules
  • Cover your bases, but Specialize in something

Things to Build


Things to Do

  • Interview prep
    • CTCI
    • YDKJS
    • Leetcode
    • Algoexpert
    • Codewars
    • Interviewcake
    • HackerRank
    • Pramp
  • Networking
    • Twitter
    • Coffee/Video Chats
    • Meetups and Conferences
    • Slacks
  • Answering questions
    • Stackoverflow
    • Github issues
    • Reddit beginner questions
  • Writing/Creating
    • Draw
    • Write
    • Youtube


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