Netlify Year One - 360 Review

I thought I would write a quick coda to my Netlify Year One Recap. That post was entirely me looking back at myself. It’s helpful to see what others said about me at my review.

What I’ve Done Well

  • Diligent
  • Shares knowledge
  • Hard worker, prolific, motivated
  • Great eye for new features and developer experience
  • Constantly thinking about how to drive Netlify forward in terms of business goals, product features and community engagement
  • Live and breathe the JS and particularly React landscape. Bridge gap with community.
  • Attentive to trends, new developments and the pulse of the community
  • Jump on tasks
  • Articles that are topical and interesting

What I could Improve

  • Communication
  • Communication
  • Communication

Basically people think I:

  • move fast and skip steps
  • dont provide enough context in issues or externally
    • In particular, longer explanations to customers, not imperative: do this, do that
    • provide more context in GH repos
  • am not engaged in calls/dont value others contributions to conversations/dont pay attention when others are speaking
  • working on too many things at once

People want me to turn technical acumen into technical leadership.

I had a comment that “sometimes has a tendency to pursue his own avenues of interest and focus”. I have no intention to change this.

My Resolutions from my 360

  • Continue to give thoughtful compliments in public to analyze what I like about what they do, breaking apart what they did.

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