Launching the Coding Career Handbook!

Today Iโ€™m excited to announce that the Coding Career Handbook is now live!

Coding Career Site

It is packed with the best of my writing - 1/4 of the book is my best career advice blogposts like Learn in Public, rewritten and updated for 2020 - and the other 3/4 is never before seen stuff on Career/Business/Tech Strategy, and tactical advice on everything from Negotiation to Writing to Twitter!

Check out the Table of Contents here:

Table of Contents

This is the follow up to my original announcement that I am writing a book - 2 months later than I originally expected, but I am so much prouder of this final output! The original announcement got $4k in presales, then Dan Abramovโ€™s tweet doubled that, and I did another $3-4k in the leadup to the launch. This means that I far exceeded my original goal just in presales alone, hitting $11k before today!

I hope to write up my writing process in a future post (pls ask me questions here so I can answer it in the post) but for now, I just wanted to share that the book is now live!

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