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  • This post was written as a reflection at the first Dev Writers Retreat. It's been really weird doing this in the PermaParty city while the world seemingly falls apart outside. Here's my attempt to make sense of it.

  • We use Docusaurus at work, and while it shipped v2 this year it still has ([as of v2.3]( not shipped with any Tailwind support at all. Googled and found [this post]( which was almost everything I needed, but required some stuff in the comments for it to work.

  • Just a quick tutorial and explanation of how best to set up concurrently with named and colored log output since I had to look it up today.

  • A broad overview of everything I've been working on, including Temporal and Airbyte, Smart Clients vs Smart Servers, The Coding_Career Book, The Operating System of You, React Ecosystem, the case for Techno-Optimism in the face of cynicism.

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    Talk Running a $200k side hustle with Stripe Checkout

    Stripe Dev YouTube @ 2022-09-28

    In this live session, Shawn Wang joins Paul Asjes and Cecil Phillip to chat about how he uses Stripe Checkout in this side projects. We’ll dive into the integrations and discuss some of the decisions he had to make when it comes to accepting pay.

  • How to break the cold start problem in content creation as a new entrant to any field, and getting the leaders of that field to at least read your writing and know your name.

  • I was interviewed for Livecycle's DevX interview series [here]( Reproducing for posterity.

  • Some show notes for my Svelte Summit talk for those who are looking for all the references and cut content.

  • a brief meditation on why we keep trying to build God Endpoints and why we will fail until we figure out interfaces.

  • Some show notes for my CascadiaJS talk for those who are looking for all the references and cut content.

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    Talk Paradigm Lost

    CascadiaJS @ 2022-09-01

    A talk covering why frontend vs backend is now insufficient for "full stack", and how 4 trends are taking over - local first, async, data, and AI are taking my attention.

  • Back again with Andrew Welch and crew to talk the evolving meta of DevRel.

  • Daniel Bryant interviewed me about my DXTips article on The End of Localhost! a really enjoyable tour through the post with commentary and reactions.

  • Let's rethink the humble Index Page from first principles.

  • Bottom Line Up Front: You are probably underestimating how much goes into blogging technology these days.

  • The Twitter API has changed (from v1 to v2), and Python has gone from 2 to 3, and Google is still serving up loads of outdated results.

  • Today's fun emergency at work was a first - writing a security postmortem for a breach of an _open source user_ (aka not a breach of us, which seems the norm).

  • KP is the Build in Public guy and invited me on his pod to talk about LIP, but we sidetracked to talk about devrel, the content metagame, and my upcoming post on How to Thought Lead.

  • This week in a [Svelte Radio recording](, @rich-harris commented that something I said was "uniquely swyx": an offhand observation that "we are all professional streamers now" [^1]. I responded that I've been calling this behavior "barbarianism" - you can listen to the full explanation [when the episode drops in future](