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  • This week in a [Svelte Radio recording](, @rich-harris commented that something I said was "uniquely swyx": an offhand observation that "we are all professional streamers now" [^1]. I responded that I've been calling this behavior "barbarianism" - you can listen to the full explanation [when the episode drops in future](

  • Society is splintering in an unacceptable way and I have a metaphor for it.

  • I use iCloud as my syncing engine for my [Obsidian Second Brain](, and twice now I've seen iCloud get corrupted into a really bad state. I also [back up everything to github](, so I dont really experience much data loss, but it is annoying to see iCloud be so unreliable at even the simple task of syncing mostly text files.

  • This week I was visiting NYC for work reasons, and found myself with a gap on my schedule for Thursday night. So I [tweeted out an invite](

  • Talk Bun vs Deno - New Runtimes for the Third Age of JS

    People are tearing up the foundations of JavaScript with new assumptions and a need for speed. Let’s look at the new kids on the block - Bun and Deno and explore how they might someday replace Node in your tech stack.

  • Essay Sharding Yourself

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    An advanced tip for high-volume writers.

  • We had a delightful discussion on the importance of writing weekly updates in this week's [Coding Career Community meetup]( I rarely get so excited about an idea I immediately know I need to start doing it, so I'm choosing to write it up to commit to it, and to share it with you.

  • My recent [End of Localhost]( piece on [Hacker News]( came with the usual dash of HN criticism devolving into [blaming beginners for not knowing the same parts of the stack that they consider mandatory](

  • Recently, John Cutler [tweeted]( a chart on the view of management:

  • I've been unhappy with my [tweet rendering strategy]( for a while - Twitter encourages you to use their heavy JS script to render tweets, which undoubtedly heaps all sorts of tracking on the reader, docks your lighthouse performance score by ~17 points, adds ~4 seconds to Time to Interactive, occasionally gets adblocked (so _nothing_ renders!)

  • Corey Quinn is one of my favorite cloud/creators/podcasters/writers/comedians and I was honored to be invited on his pod!

  • > This post was originally published on my new dedicated DX site:

  • Why I Moved Off

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    2 years ago I [moved all my blogging to]( Today [my main blog is on Github Issues]( and [I've just launched DXTips on Hashnode](

  • > This post was originally published on my new dedicated DX site:

  • Now that the dust has settled on the Plaid-Stripe thing it's time to recap lessons learned.

  • Docker is great. Docker Desktop sucks. Here's my fix.

  • My 2022 New Mac Setup

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    I set up a new Mac for work today. Here's everything I use on a Mac for fullstack web development.

  • I joined JSParty crew to talk more about the Third Age of JS after my Reactathon talk!

  • Risk cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be redistributed

  • Slides and show notes for my updated Talk