Hello, I am making a modern fullstack JS tutorial livestream. What questions do you have for me?

When I first started out in FreeCodeCamp, I found ClementineJS to be very helpful in integrating separate bits of frontend and backend knowledge. However it is more than 2 years out of date and a lot of the code looks very janky now.

I wanted to make an update to ClementineJS that focuses on different choices, eg using Create-React-App instead of writing the frontend without a framework, and using Mongoose instead of the raw mongodb interface. I also think there are a bunch of other smaller pain points around making a fullstack app including authentication, frontend routing, and styling.

Prerequisite knowledge:

  • HTML/CSS/JS (including ES6)
  • Basic React
  • Very Basic NodeJS/Express
  • (optional) Webpack, npm

I’m tentatively calling this SunburstJS and the format is basically me remotely teaching my partner John how to make this repo from scratch in a series of live stream videos.

My purpose is simply teaching-to-learn and giving back to the community.

I wanted to include the wonderful dev.to community so um here I am (actually not sure if this is the right place but whatev). Does this sound like it might help? what do you want included? do you want to participate? lmk.

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