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“How to become a 10x engineer: listen to @software_daily everyday.” - Amjad Masad

I am an intense fan of Jeff Meyerson and Erika Hokanson’s SE Daily. I even guest hosted once 😅.

SE Daily is a tech infovore’s wet dream. It is a general podcast on software engineering, but a few things set it apart:

  • It is an hour long, daily Q&A podcast
  • It covers everything from data eng to crypto to container stuff to React to GDPR to devops to IPOs
  • Guests are extremely senior: recent guests include billionaires (Ben Horowitz), hot CEOs (Alexandr Wang, Vlad Magdalin, Ellen Chisa), senior ex FB engs (Nick Shrock, Pete Hunt)
  • In recent 12-18 months, Jeff has started adding lengthy intros setting context for the interview, which helps situate people unfamiliar with the domain. This briefing is already worth more than the price of admission ($0).
  • Jeff himself displays a high degree of engagement and research in his questions
  • Jeff has a policy of starting generally (often the first question is a point-blank “What is ___”?) and then going into specifics over the hour, with the design that the first third or so is more relevant to generalists, who may then jump off to the next thing

A non exhaustive list of their greatest hits:

While SEDaily has primarily been a podcast, there is also a Slack community (I’m not active), a news site, a mobile app, and some meetups. I think more could be done here to build community.

I was recently surprised to learn that Jeff doesn’t view SE Daily as something that will last forever. It felt like the intense commitment needed to run a daily in depth podcast isn’t something you bet on halfway. But Jeff is absolutely hedging (c.f. his indiehackers and changelog interviews). Having been through some life trauma myself, I can’t blame him.

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