Software 3.0 and the AI Engineer Landscape (talk notes & slides)

2024 update

I presented an updated version of this talk at CascadiaJS 2024! slides here, video pending.

2023 talk

I was honored to be invited back to Infobip Shift for the 3rd year in a row, and this time to my total surprise and honor I was given the keynote stage right after John Romero:


It’s still unreal to see my slides and ”artwork” on a big stage like that, and for people in Europe to fully get it even if they dont live this at work yet. The Shift twitter account person was particularly good at notetaking live. I was also randomly interviewed for Al Jazeera by a wonderfully friendly reporter.


Everyone has gone AI mad, and there is a lot of noise, hype, and demos, but not a lot of guidance on practical usecases. We will go over a mental model of who is doing what and explain both where the opportunities are and where the non-AI developer can start going down the rabbit hole.


Presented a shorter form version of it at

20 min version presented at React Summit US


and 20 minute React Summit version

Raw notes

Target 25 mins


I was honored to be a keynote for this year’s Infobip Shift conference, going right after the legendary John Romero:

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