Draft: Mootools Mafia


  • christoph nakazawa (@cpojer) - now works on Jest/RN
  • sebastian markbage (@sebmarkbage) - now works on React
  • guillermo rauch (@rauchg) - now works on Zeit
  • david walsh (@davidwalshblog) - now works at Mozilla
  • tom occhino (@tomocchino) - now runs React
  • thomas aylott (@subtlegradient) - things that do stuff?
  • Jan Kassens (@kassens) - now works on Relay
  • kentaromiura (@kentaromiura) - now at Rakuten
  • Fabio M. Costa (@fabiomiranda) - now at GoDaddy
  • Valeria Proietti (@kamicane) - now at Spotify


⚠️ You are reading an unpublished, incomplete draft. Questions are welcome but feedback/criticism may be premature.