Draft: Intel Outside

my recent https://www.graphql-asia.org talk (tweet) partially centered on the thesis that "intel inside" is bad. A lot of vendors want to expand your capability to do work inside their tool, and there are often decent efficiency and security reasons to do so, but this increases lockin. Increasing lockin is fine, but often the embedded logic is so restrictive as to be very convoluted, and increases learning curve.

I recently realized that this also applies to open source frameworks and libraries. React famously eschews template logic, and uses "just JS" for template logic. Netlify lets you bring your own tooling. (i wrote a post about this recently, although we can offer some nice defaults for it). this is the famous "unix philosophy" idea applied. it increases the need to read docs and wire stuff together.

⚠️ You are reading an unpublished, incomplete draft. Questions are welcome but feedback/criticism may be premature.