Learning React and TypeScript in Public

Learn In Public @ podcast
Mon Aug 12 2019 ( External link )

Description: one of my better podcast discussions of Learn In Public

The sequence of how this one happened was pretty fun. I noticed an a11y fight on Twitter, and posted about it on the Netlify slack. then Leslie picked up the torch and wrote a blogpost about it. That got her invited onto the podcast and she became a panelist. And then she invited me. and now we're here.

  "title": "Learning React and TypeScript in Public",
  "slug": "reactroundup-podcast",
  "topic": "Learn In Public",
  "venues": "podcast",
  "date": "2019-08-13T00:00:00.000Z",
  "url": "https://devchat.tv/react-round-up/rru-074-learning-react-and-typescript-in-public-with-shawn-swyx-wang/",
  "desc": "one of my better podcast discussions of Learn In Public",
  "description": "Today’s guest Shawn Wang is a career changer starts off the show about how he got from finance to programming. The panel talks about how they each got started in programming. Shawn explains his Learn In Public manifesto. They discuss the benefits of learning in public and how concepts like Cunninham’s Law and lampshading can be a good thing. Shawn talks about the differences between inbound and outbound marketing. The two biggest benefits of learning in public is that people will come to help you, it helps you to build capital, and it os the fastest way to learn. They discuss the balance between sharing too little and oversharing.",
  "pubdate": "2019-08-13T00:00:00.000Z",
  "dateString": "Mon Aug 12 2019"