Ranking #1 on HN in Mid April

I last wrote about Ranking #1 on HN in December, and wanted to offer an update from my mild hit today. I am now taking Latent Space (the new name enabled by the previous owner of that domain selling it to me in my first P2P domain purchase) a lot more seriously with the support of my partner and friend Alessio.

I was at the ChatGPT Plugins hackathon this past weekend (won some awards!) and both heard some buzz about the Segment Anything Model -and- ran into Joseph Nelson who is pretty much the best expert I know in computer vision, so I booked him for a quick pod (turned out to be not so quick, about 1.5hrs recording and 2.5hrs end to end?) and released it hours after I got the recording back from the StudioPod editors we use. It went straight to #1 on HN and I wanted to offer some stats.


It’s been on the front page of HN for 13 hrs: https://hnrankings.info/35558522/


I didn’t have good traction at all on twitter which definitely hurt (i think Elon’s constant tweaks of the algorithm is confusing things.. no idea how to get things doing well now).

I’m sure there will be coverage in the newsletters tomorrow so I will come back to update total view counts, but just sharing the download number charts gives you an idea of how big this is for the podcast:


Update - there was no coverage in newsletters which i was disappointed about. anyway, 24hrs in, numbers are about half what i got on the Notion post in December which is sobering. Open rate also quite low. I do think that i’ve skewed towards too many podcasts and people want to read my writing.


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