What is Puppy Basket?

This was a group project to build a prototype e-commerce marketplace for Puppy breeders. End to end flow from search to signup to shopping cart to purchase to email confirmation complete with admin panel.


I look upon this fondly as the first group project that I led; git conflicts, daily standups and all. This was done over the course of ~7 days.

I played a key part in the design (adapted from Creative Tim) and was singly responsible for the admin panel functionality (which I blogged about on my devblog).

The backend was done entirely TDD and I even wrote a guide to Authentication API testing as a result of the TDD process.

I also implemented the email confirmation (using mailtrap.io and pug templates from Wes Bos) and stripe payment functionalities.

Feedback from teammates

  • (from me to me) I learn quickly and I like teaching others what I have just learned.
  • Solid experience, insight, and skill with an eye for efficiency; team-oriented; patience; open to teaching and helping others; checking-in with team periodically and setting a high, achievable bar; raising team morale
  • Shawn is amazing - He can accomplish so much, so fast, so patiently, and is always willing to show us what he did and how. I hope I can be that way one day too!
  • Thank you for pushing us, throwing me into tasks that I initially had trepidation with, and helping me realize that I know more than I think. It's an absolute privilege to work with you.

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