Pensieve: Mar 9 2024 - on Life and Death

  • the jeff tang vs anton meetup today was a super interesting study in contrasts: Life vs Death
    • Vibes couldnt be more different: Death was inside a classroom, and just showing slides, Life was outside with happy chatty attractive people and Bryan Johnson being a celebrity
    • But both had more interesting similarities: pursuing kooky, ambitious things that weren’t a boring standard thing. Both Andrew (Death) and Jeff (Life) were authentically pursuing ideas that everyone could get behind.
    • ceteris paribus i’d still work on Life because it can directly impact you rather than the theoretical nature of Death. fitness, life, joy, fun, trampolines. Jeff even found a penis botox guy (dont ask).
    • shipped a weekend recap, 1yr anniversary pod after realizing i had to add the 1yr anniversary thing last night, causing several hours delay.
  • “ripped off the bandaid” and prepped myself to move on. felt bad doing it, but left brain knows it is what is needed long term. there is nothing lasting and positive to be had from the current arrangement.
  • Tennis for the first time in a long time. I constantly think about my need for better footwork and follow through in tennis, that needs to be done in the rest of my life.
  • People like when I sing and play guitar
  • It’s interesting that people have hobbies like fashion shows and late night clubs and parties and I have zero desire for these things. Sign of age? or just completely different interest?


  • Mark manson’s 40th birthday thread
  • people are openly talking about how apple vision pros are collecting dust, which is kinda sad.

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