What is CrossBones?

There is a gap between basic (CRNA and react-native init) and full-featured (Ignite-infinite red) React Native setups out there. CrossBones borrows the sensible philosophy of Fullstack's Bones and implements it in React Native.


This project was born out of multiple pain points felt while trying to make a clone of http://buffer.com and a podcast player.

I made this in 6 hours on low sleep and presented this as part of a Stackathon, winning the "Fullstackian" award for best dev tool project.

If you have tried making an RN app, you will get this; if you haven't, you probably won't. But trust me it saves time.

The app is scaffolded on top of Expo and needs to be ejected if you need to link into other phone API's.

My real goal is still to clone buffer.com and I would probably return to it when I have time to learn Swift.

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